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Square Stage

Preparing your mixes to get the most out of mastering.

Want to get the most out of your mastering experience? Check out these suggestions for how to prepare and send your files so that we can make your mixes sound their best!

  • ​Please ensure mix files are trimmed and, if possible, faded in and out the way you/the artist would like

  • If you would like tracks faded, please provide description of how you would like this to sound

  • Ensure that the artist has approved the mix- this saves on time and money for all parties

  • Mixes should be WAV 44.1 16 Bit or Higher-24-bit is preferred

  • Unless it is integral to the mix, please remove the final limiter. If it's important to the mix, please provide a version with 50% less limiting so that we can get more out of it with our mastering tools

  • Output below 0 dBTP please

  • If there is a loud/hot/limited reference that has been approved and differs from the final mix, please send that along too. 

  • One last friendly reminder to triple check that you’re sending the right final mix :)

Marble Surface

Good mastering starts with good communication.

Remember we're all here to get the same thing which is the best possible sound for your music. If you have any questions at any point in the process we're here to help.

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